Over's 2020 Trends Kit

Data: 2020 m. balandžio 24 d.

New year, new goals, new opportunities to stand out. Over presents the knowledge, inspiration, and ready-to-customise templates and graphics to make your mark with the most inspiring trends of 2020.





"As a brand or an individual looking to engage meaningfully with your audience this year, you’d do well to consider the changing tides."

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"Collage is an expression of remixed reality, combining unrelated elements to create something that is recognisable, but at the same time has never been seen before."

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Analogue Texture


"Rebelling against digital precision, analogue texture seems to infuse a sense of having been created by human hands."

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Vintage Tech


"Technology has made almost every aspect of the creative process so much easier… but have we lost something meaningful in the absence of effort?"

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Childlike Expression


“The creative adult is the child who survived.” - Ursula K. Leguin

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