Tomas Nemura: I treat marketing like dating. And you should, too

Data: 2020 m. sausio 16 d.

Back in the day, my dating strategy was simple. I didn’t date.


All I did was look at girls that were out of my league. And I didn’t do anything to get their attention (let alone “making it happen”).


It worked like magic. And by magic, I mean actual magic — I was invisible.


While such a lazy approach miraculously brought me into a happy marriage of 13 years (and counting), anticipating a miracle in marketing is a clueless bet. Waiting for somebody to magically fall for your product or service without lifting a finger is hopeful. Know what it also is? A fast track to disaster.


Yes, you may believe the attraction is mutual. You may keep your fingers crossed and hope the other party will show interest. You will remain safe, trusting, and invisible.


I would step even further — to assume that potential clients are already interested in your product is arrogant. The same applies to the dating scene. When you think about it, marketing and dating have more things in common than you might expect.


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