How to Conduct an Effective Competitive Analysis of Ad Creative

Data: 2019 m. liepos 04 d.

A breakdown of the best ad-spying tools and techniques to get ahead of the competition


Competitive analysis is the single most important step to generate better creative for your user acquisition ads.


Whenever we start work with a new client, we begin by evaluating the ads of their top competitors. Why? Because creating a winning ad is very hard—only one in 20 new ads will beat a control. With a 5% success rate, you have a tremendous amount of work to uncover a fresh, winning concept.


Don’t look to create just “another ad.” Make one that will blow the doors off all prior results. That will require a lot of testing, as well as the creation of some strong new concept ads. Competitive analysis is especially good for developing these types of bold new concepts, completely new approaches that haven’t been tried before.

Because high-performance ads are so challenging to create, it makes sense to use every trick you’ve got. The best trick is competitive analysis.


Your competitors have already poured a ton of resources, ad spend and testing time into creating their own high-performance ads and they’re failing at 95%, too. Why not “borrow” from their best ads and customize them to create fresh ideas for your campaigns?


Once you know how to find and identify your competitor’s high-performing ads, you’ll have an endless supply of tested concepts ready to either make new ads from or to use in your ad tests.


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