How brand discovery is changing for today’s consumer

Data: 2020 m. birželio 09 d.

People turn to the web to find answers, explore ideas, and keep up with what they care about most. And thanks to mobile, scrolling through feeds and images have become a bigger part of that journey. New Google and Ipsos research uncovers a shift in how people are discovering brands online.



What brands need to know


The path to purchase is more complex than ever before, and people constantly seek information from their favorite sources before they purchase. As shoppers narrow and broaden their consideration set, brands should be there to offer useful ad experiences that help people take their next action.


With product discovery on Google, brands can deliver on this expectation as people explore content on Google's most popular properties. And with Discovery ads, marketers can now reach these audiences as they scroll through their favorite feeds on YouTube, Discover, and Gmail.


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