How the advertising industry across EMEA has adapted in a time of crisis

Data: 2020 m. birželio 15 d.

The coronavirus outbreak and the social distancing measures put in place to combat it have impacted on the world economy, events, and the media in a profound way. How are agencies and advertising companies dealing with this crisis, and how should businesses adapt for a post-pandemic world? We asked experts from across EMEA to share their industry observations and advice in these challenging times.


1. Bringing back the human factor

With the lockdown leading to an increase in television viewers, as well as an extraordinary boom in the consumption of digital content, we've found ourselves faced with a new kind of audience. However, advertising investments have shrunk considerably: many campaigns have been cancelled, and others have been radically redesigned for a future placement that may or may not go ahead.

This emergency has brought authenticity back to the core of our conversations — bringing the human factor, and a sense of caring and community to the forefront. These qualities should inspire us in our efforts to restore trust in the future and help our country get back on its feet. We will need to redevelop brands and ensure that they can keep in contact with consumers in an empathetic and value-driven way.


2. Rethinking the company culture

The outbreak of the coronavirus is a game-changer. Even the most reluctant players, who thought about going digital in a long-term perspective, must now act fast. A great example is Biedronka, the largest supermarket chain in Poland. They teamed up with Glovo, an on-demand courier service enabling consumers to buy their products online and have them delivered from selected stores across 10 cities.

We’ve been living in the state of VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Some companies are well-aware of this and have great leaders who shape their organisations proactively. For them, the coronavirus outbreak is just another wave in the perfect storm. You could be the greatest forward-thinker in the world but unless your organisation is supported by the proper culture, your strategy is just a piece of paper. The coronavirus outbreak is an opportunity to rethink the culture of your company.


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